miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

Around the world in books

Después de leer y comentar de forma conjunta libros de aventuras adaptados en inglés, las clases de 3º, 4º y 5º de primaria han grabado estos vídeos para recomendarnos su lectura.
¡Aquí los tenéis!

Ozzie and Summer Sun (3º primaria)
Ozzie, a lovely polar bear, loves the North Pole, where he lives happily with his friends. To make them feel even happier, Ozzie brings the Equator's sun to the pole and for a while they have a great time together; yet their habitat gradually changes and Ozzie's friends fall ill. What will Ozzie do to help them? Wacth the video and find out!

CC Goes to India (4º de primaria)
CC is a very curious cow and has heard that cows are very well treated in India. So, she decides to go there! On her way to India she meets Kanga the Kangoroo, who is heading to Australia. Read the book to enjoy their fascinating journey!

Professor Wong and King Arthur (5º de primaria)
Professor Wong has a magical Chinese Takeaway which travels to different countries and different times. He travels with his friends to the times to King Arthur and meets Guinevere. Together they set off on a quest to save Arthur who is locked in a dungeon. They encounter the bad knights, the nasty Crazton family and the horrible green Grippies. Can they rescue Arthur so that he can become king?

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